Data Warehousing General Survey

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.  We want to hear from you – what are you working on, why, what do you think the future holds for this space?

Your name, and email are OPTIONAL – but if you fill them in, we will send you the results of the survey (or a link to the results on this site).  We will NOT share  your name or email with anyone else, however we reserve the right to contact you.  Many of the questions / answers are optional, however the survey is only as good as the answers that you fill in.

This survey is for any and all practitioners in the data warehousing space.  Regardless of if you are or are not using data vault.

Feel free to pass along the URL to this survey, to your friends, co-workers, colleagues, etc..

* NOTE: Instructions / descriptions for each field appear BELOW the fields themselves, and above the next question text